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Back Through Time: Dr Who’s Scottish Accents

If you love the Scottish accents as much as we do and you love Dr Who too, it won’t have escaped your notice that the twelfth incarnation speaks with a gorgeous Glaswegian inflection.

Peter Capaldi is not the first Doctor actor (try saying that after a dozen Gallifreyan cocktails) to come from Scotland (he hails from Glasgow), and not the first to bring a hint of the Highlands to the role. Well, much more than a hint: here’s one of his first scenes:

Sylvester McCoy, who played the seventh Doctor, was born in Dunoon near Glasgow, delivered his Time Lord tomes with the faintest, almost imperceptible burr. Here’s the last speech he rolled across his tongue:

However David Tennant, born in West Lothian near Edinburgh, was asked to use an “off-London” accent that sounds more than a little bit Cockney – and a very convincingly delivered accent it was too.

Does your attempt at a Scottish accent sound too much like Rose Tyler’s?

Die-hard fans will remember that Tennant got to use his genuine burr in the ‘Tooth and Claw’ episode, while trying to persuade Queen Victoria’s escorts that he was just a local lad out on the moors for a stroll.

Rose doesn’t do so well, does she – can you do any better?

Is the 12th Dr Who playing on the reputation of Scottish accents?

Our own recent research into accents was very complimentary to the Scottish accent – it was voted by survey respondents as being the third most attractive, the third most trustworthy and the second most intelligent-sounding! Ironically, it was also voted as the most difficult accent to understand.

Peter Capaldi’s performance at the start of the new Dr Who series is very clear to understand – here is a Time Lord who doesn’t mince his words! He is the Doctor so naturally he’s trustworthy. Mostly. As for attractive, we’ve been assured by the producers that there’ll be no flirting, however sexy his accent might be!

Let us know how you get on with your own attempts at Scottish accents, and don’t forget you can connect with our social channels by clicking on the square F and T icons below.

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