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Games As Meeting Energisers And Icebreakers

By Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO of Accentuate

Everyone who organises induction sessions, business meetings and delivers training has a box of tricks they rely upon to get group activities going.

But let’s face it: from simple verbal introductions to weird props, we who have frequented many a boardroom conflab have been subjected to a range of bizarre, badly thought out and sometimes downright boring gimmicks.

Let’s change that.

Make your meeting a winner

One scenario I’d like to share is from my brother Keith, who was leading a pharmaceutical sales & marketing strategy group meeting event round about the time we were putting together prototype ideas for the game. He’d produced the meeting agenda, which was a list of dry but very important discussion topics.

So Keith asked senior management if they minded if he built in a few ‘breaks’ during the day to help colleagues recharge and refocus, something light-hearted. They thought it was a great idea – without knowing exactly what Keith had in mind …

My sister Fiona and I had just started producing some paper-based ideas of quotations and accents, which Keith used with a few additions in the form of company mission statements and product details. He scheduled an Accentuate Energiser break every hour, then divided attendees into teams.

Laughter energises, breaks down barriers

Everyone who attended the meeting had a go. Keith allowed people to put accent cards back if they thought they couldn’t do one, but very few did so. The results were apparently hilarious, with most people around the table crying with laughter and keen for the next round.

If this all sounds a little bit too crazy for a serious business meeting, get this: at the end of the day the senior HR and marketing leads present said it had been one of the most productive meetings they had ever attended. The breaks had worked brilliantly as energisers.

Ultimately it had enabled any communication barriers within the group to be overcome very rapidly, and everyone was able to play and work hard throughout the day; he even awarded a prize to the winning team.

Accentuate really is the game that brings people together in so many situations – and it’s all down to the fun of accents!

Let us know how you get on having fun with accents, and don’t forget you can connect with our social channels by clicking on the square F and T icons below.

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