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Accentuate® is the multi-award-winning ‘Hilarious-guess-the-accent game’, perfect for any party.

With just 30 seconds to recite one of the 180 random film quotes aloud in one of the 40 randomly selected accents, and see if team-mates can guess the accent, film and year!

The worse the accent attempts, the more hilarious the game becomes so be prepared to give and receive generous amounts of hilarious ridicule.

The harder the accents the higher the points scored with the first team to score 30 points winning the game.

FReNeTiC® is the multi-Award winning ‘Frenzied word game of the Elements’ where players race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the Element Symbols of The Periodic Table.

In this fast and furious word game players score points equivalent to the atomic numbers of each tile used to create the word, for example Ba Na Na = Banana = 78 points.

The first player to score 1000 points wins!

Everyone plays all the time, quick set up and easy-to-follow rules with FRaNTiC FUN AcTiON! And no … You don't need to know the Periodic Table or be a GeNiUS to play!

Rats to Riches™ is ‘The strategy game for scheming rats’

It’s a Rat Race! you’re a pack of filthy, scheming rats, racing to collect $100 Swindle, working your way to a better class of sewer, by investing in assets, hiring gangsters and – of course – stealing whatever you can!

Earn income, buy-sell assets, become the Red Ruffian, Green Gangster or Blue Boss or even The Big Cheese, sabotage other rats and build your sewer empire!

A deceptively detailed multi-level strategy game combining skill with an element of luck.