"Its like scrabble but lacking the tedium of waiting for your turn. Fast playing and a super competitive game, ideal for family fun nights in." - Emile Z


The Frenzied word game of the Elements

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FReNeTiC® is the multi-Award winning ‘Frenzied word game of the Elements’ where players race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the Element Symbols of The Periodic Table.

In this fast and furious word game players score points equivalent to the atomic numbers of each tile used to create the word, for example Ba Na Na = Banana = 78 points. 

The first player to score 1000 points wins!


 Everyone plays all the time, quick set up and easy-to-follow rules with FRaNTiC FUN AcTiON! And no … You don't need to know the Periodic Table or be a GeNiUS to play!


Suitable for ages 8+, for 2+ players, lasts between 25 - 45 minutes

How To Play

Get Going

Without looking, take any EIGHT tiles from the bag. Put them face up in the matching spaces on the board. The Atomic Numbers on the tiles should help everyone find the right places quickly.

When the eight tiles are on the board and everyone’s ready, start the 45-second timer…

Now, looking ONLY at those tiles, create as many words as you can. There’s no turn taking – everyone writes words at the same time.

You MUST use symbols as they appear… You can’t separate letters that are together on a tile, or change their order. So if the Ba and N tiles were on the board then you could play BaN. You couldn’t play NaB, though, because the a and the B would be the wrong way round.

Don’t worry if there aren’t many words during the first few rounds – that’s usually the case!

Each word must use at least TWO tiles… So you can’t have the words I, No, Be or Am on their own, for example.

You MAY play PLURALS! The S and Es tiles are handy here; e.g. LiONS and MoTiVEs.

You CAN use symbols more than once in the same word – for example, BaNaNa.

Scoring & Winning

When time’s up, read out your words. Everyone else can either accept a word or, if they don’t think it’s real, challenge it… When that happens, you must look it up online or in a dictionary.

The Atomic Number on each tile represents the score for its use. So if, for example, you have the word Ac89Ce58S16S16, you score 89+58+16+16 = 179.

Other players should cross off any words on their list that you call out… Players must NOT duplicate your words for the whole game UNLESS they make the same word using different tiles… For example, Ag47N7Os76Ti22C6 might score you 158, but someone else might also spell it Ag47No102S16Ti22C6 and score 187.

When you finish reading your list, the person to your left reads out theirs. Carry on like this until everyone has a score.

Update scores after every round – the WINNER is the first to reach 1000 points.

After round one, the player to your left chooses just FOUR tiles from the bag, without looking. Put them face up on the board as before. Play and scoring carries on in this way for the rest of the game.

You may use all words EXCEPT suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, hyphenations, acronyms, and foreign words that aren’t in the dictionary. You must also avoid proper nouns; that is to say names of people, towns, cities, countries, and so on.

Remember: you can ONLY make words from the symbol tiles that are on the board.


How long will my order take to arrive?

2 – 5 days on average for delivery, we offer a standard or express shipment

What if I don't enjoy it?

There is zero risk, we have a 100-day guarantee. If you don't like it then send it back and we will refund you no questions asked!

Is this complicated to play?

No, it's a simple concept and easy to learn quickly.

Is this for kids only?

No, many adults play our game.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee