Accentuate® Sports Quotes Expansion Pack

Accentuate® Sports Quotes Expansion Pack

£7.99 GBP


Exclusive to accentuategames.com !

You will need a copy of Accentuate®, The Hilarious guess-the-accent game to play along with this expansion pack.

Simply replace the film quotes in the Accentuate® game box with this pack of 90 iconic sports quotes cards and you’re ready to go! 

Follow the same rules for Accentuate® by repeating these famous sports quotes in accents so absurdly different to the original! Your team wins points for guessing the accent and 2 bonus points for guessing the sports celebrity. Remember, you only get one guess!

Packed full of classics like, “For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are in the all-yellow strip”- John Motson. 

A fun, new dimension for all those sports lovers out here.