FReNeTiC® Jigsaw Puzzle

FReNeTiC® Jigsaw Puzzle

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The perfect accompaniment to FReNeTiC® – The frenzied word game of the elements, and the ultimate gift for Science and Word game fans.

Enjoy the challenge and embrace the resurgence of Puzzles as a wellness trend, piecing together all 200 pieces of this Jigsaw to reveal the 118 Elements of the Periodic Table.

This FReNeTiC® board Jigsaw Puzzle is Ideal for all the family, engaging kids and challenging Grandma to complete the puzzle while exploring the wonders of the Periodic Table.

For back-to-back enjoyment you can use the completed Jigsaw Puzzle as the board for a few rounds of FReNeTiC® game.

No knowledge of chemistry or science needed, but you will be amazed how much you discover while completing the puzzle.

Perfectly sized as a quick pick up gift as the box measures only 24 x 16 x 5cm.

Suitable for ages 8 years and up.